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Okay, to set the scene, on the recent Adventure Canada cruise to Greenland, I found that the onboard bookstore had sold out of copies of my books, while copies of some Margaret Atwood's titles were still on the shelves. I mentioned this in passing at the ship's evening gathering - possibly offering my commiserations (ahem) - and was skewered at the the following evening's poetry event by a limerick from Margaret; 

There once was a codger named Steve   

Who had lots of tricks up his sleeve;

He pissed off Saint Margaret

A dangerous target

And now he's a toad in Belize









To which I replied (eventually)

To my lasting regret 

insulted Margaret

And now I must pay for my joke

I’m a sub-human toad

In a forest abode

Still, Belize is a nice place to croak.

So beware and take heed

Should you once feel the need

To take on the queen of Can Lit

A life of despair

Awaits you out there

But boy, it surely was worth it

I await a response with trepidation!

Between July 4 and July 25, I was honoured to join Adventure Canada on their cruises circumnavigating Iceland, and then travelling from Iceland to Greenland In the Wake of the Vikings as onboard naturalist and author. I encourage you to check out this organization and their partnerships with Birdlife International and the
Graeme Gibson Fellowship.



Goldfinches Are Brown, the short story I was commissioned to write for the Globe & Mail, appeared in the Diversions section of the holiday edition, published December 24th.  

For those unable to access the  newspaper version, the online version of the story can be found here

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