Win a complete signed set of the Birder Murder Mysteries


As a big THANK YOU for all the amazing support indie bookstores have shown the Birder Murder Mysteries, we’re running an exciting new contest to tie-in with the release of the newest title:

A Foreboding of Petrels

Readers who purchase or order the book from an independent bookstore before October 15th may be entered into a draw to win a complete set of signed Birder Murder Mysteries (seven titles). In addition, I am offering a (virtual) book talk/reading for the bookstore where the winning entry was sold. To enter, bookstores simply need to compile a list of email addresses for eligible customers and submit them by midnight on October 22nd to

Monthly Photography Contest - suspended

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Pinnated Bittern George Bakken.jpg

Congratulations to June contest winner George Bakken for his stunning photograph of a Pinnated Bittern taken in Guyana.

George wins a signed copy of
A Siege of Bitterns

Congratulations to July contest winner Anne Foreman for her cute photograph of a Mourning Dove (currently clearing copyright)

Anne wins a signed copy of
A Pitying of Doves

Partners for Protection

Migratory birds need protected habitat all along their route, from their wintering sites to their summer breeding sites. To promote the value of international habitat conservation, we're asking birders to team up with partners from other countries to submit sightings of a species from various points along its migration route. We will be making a donation to Birdlife International for each submission for a species with three or more records. Please reach out to birding colleagues and communities worldwide and together we can show that habitat conservation is a global issue, as well as a local one. Sighting records will be posted here.

Report Your Team's Sightings Here 

Thanks for submitting!