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A Shimmer of Hummingbirds


Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune is hoping a South American birding trip might hold some answers to his fugitive brother's manslaughter charges. But there are people on the tour who seem keen to keep their secrets. And the rainforest can be a dangerous place for those who ask too many questions. Back in the UK, in Jejeune's absence, his former boss and long-time nemesis, Marvin Laraby, has been brought in to investigate the murder of an accountant. He is proving so effective, Superintendent Colleen Shepherd is considering making Laraby's replacement of Jejeune a permanent arrangement. With the manslaughter case poised to claim another victim, Jejeune learns that an accident back home involving his girlfriend, Lindy Hey, is much more than it seems. Lindy is in imminent danger, and only Jejeune can help her. But to do so, he will have to sacrifice his working relationship with DCS Shepherd, and open the door to Laraby's appointment. When Jejeune uncovers the truth about Laraby's case, he faces a dilemma.  He can speak up, knowing it will cost him his job on the North Norfolk coast he loves. Or he can stay silent, and let a killer escape justice. as he weighs his options, DCI Domenic Jejeune  begins to realize that sometimes, the wrong chocie is the only one you have.

Skillfully written, full of moral ambiguities and artful puzzles, with a spine-tingling final sentence.”
- Kirkus (U.S.): starred review


A tremendous “whodunit”

- London Free Press (Canada)

Burrows’ writing improves with every novel, and Jejeune continues to be an exciting, multidimensional, thoroughly engaging series lead. A splendid installment in a fine series. - Booklist (US)

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