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A Pitying of Doves


Why would  a killer ignore expensive jewellery and take a pair of Turtle Doves  as the only bounty of his crime? This is only one of the questions that piques the interest of Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune when an attaché with the Mexican Consulate is found murdered alongside the director of a local bird sanctuary. The fact that the director's death has opened up a full-time research position studying birds hasn't eluded Jejeune, either. Could this be the escape from policing the celebrated detective has been seeking? Even if it is, Jejeune knows he owes it to the victims to solve the case first. But a  trail that weaves from embittered aviary owners to suspicious bird sculptors only seems to be leading him farther from the truth. Meanwhile, Jejeune is discovering that diplomatic co-operation and diplomatic pressure go hand in hand. With two careers hanging in the balance, the stakes have never been higher for Inspector Jejeune.  Only  this time, even bringing a killer to justice might not provide the closure he's looking for. Because he knows that, with murder, everybody pays a price.  

The books are well written…and instructive. We are promised a series of birder murder stories: good!

- Literary Review (U.S.)

A cleverly written novel that proves A Siege of Bitterns wasn’t just an offbeat one-off.

- Booklist (U.S.)

Burrows … gives readers a charming glimpse into the culture. … I’m looking forward to more fowl play in the future. - National Post (Canada)

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