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A case of arson involving a series of bird hides in the Norfolk countryside seems like a perfect fit for Detective Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune. And indeed, it would be, if he were not serving out a long suspension. But while Jejeune is currently forbidden from taking part in any active investigations, DCS Colleen Shepherd sees no harm in asking him to look into a couple of cryptic emails received by the climate change department of a local university with ties to an Antarctic research facility.

DS Danny Maik is ready to write off the attacks on the bird hides as wanton vandalism until the body of local homeless man turns up in the ashes of the latest fire. The situation is further complicated when it emerges that the homeless man was known to Jejeune. Meanwhile, the DCI’s own enquiries have unearthed a connection between the university department and the death of one of the researchers in Antarctica.

Tracking killers at opposite ends of the earth, Jejeune and Maik begin to realize that the solutions to both cases could lie in a collaboration between them. But as long as they are forced to explore their leads independently, every day that passes increases the likelihood of more tragedy. And more fatalities.

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