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A Tiding of Magpies


When his most celebrated case is suddenly re-opened, Detective Chief Inspector Domenic Jejeune's long-buried secrets threaten to come to light. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Lindy, is facing an unseen threat of her own, one from which even Domenic may not be able to protect her. Between fending of inquiries from the internal review board and investigating an open murder case that bring more questions than answers, Jejeune will have to reply on his stalwart sergeant, Danny Maik, more than ever. But Maik is learning things that cause him to question his DCI's actions, both in the past and the present. In both the former case and the present one the facts seem clear enough. But it only is in the silent, empty spaces between the facts that the real truth can be found. For those who dare to look.

If you are interested in birding, this series is a must. If you don't know an owl from a canary nor care to, but are keen on police procedurals, I would still recommend this series. It is just that good.
- Reviewing the Evidence (U.S.)

An excellent police procedural - Mystery People (U.K.)

Burrows’ bird-watching expertise lends authenticity to an excellent mystery whose conflicted protagonist faces hard decisions.

- Kirkus (U.S.)

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