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A Dance of Cranes


Newly estranged from his girlfriend, Lindy, Inspector Domenic Jejeune has returned to Canada to the news that his brother, Damian, has gone missing in Wood Buffalo National Park while conducting research on Whooping Cranes. But even if Domenic can find Damian in the vast, remote wilderness, staying alive afterwards may prove an even bigger challenge. Back in the UK , Sergeant Danny Maik is on a missing person search of his own.  He is trying to track down Lindy after she has been abducted by a sociopathic killer seeking revenge against Domenic. The disturbing circumstances of her disappearance means that even if Maik finds Lindy, there is no guarantee the danger to her will be over. Across two separate continents, Domenic and Lindy face a similar fate. Death, it seems, recognizes no boundaries.

Burrows skillfully makes birds and birding an integral part of the plot, just as he brings Jejeune’s personal drama into this suspenseful and well-constructed mystery.

- Publishers Weekly (U.S.)

Irresistible…This is a marvelous series of books – 10,000 Birds blog (U.S.)

A solid, well-constructed murder mystery that happens to involve a subject with which many mystery readers might not be familiar. – Booklist (U.S.)

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